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The largest community of Astronauts and Future Space Travelers

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Discovering space from the human side with the potential to open up new ways of seeing each other, of interacting and building new levels of consciousness.

Supernova II. by Dodo Newman

Our philosophy

"We need to have people up there who can communicate what it feels like, not just pilots and engineers." - Buzz Aldrin

Exclusive interviews

Our latest interviews with Astronauts, Cosmonauts and Space travelers
Interview with Nicole Marie Passonno Stott

Expressing space through emotions

NASA astronaut and artist Nicole Stott brings back to us her space memories and emotions with a special form of expression...

Interview with Sharon Hagle

Reach for the stars!

Sharon Hagle is among one of the first space travelers of Virgin Galactic, who already has had a transformative experience since then.

Interview with Ron Rosano

Childhood stargazing inspires lifelong passion

NASA Solar System Ambassador, Virgin Galactic Future Astronaut Ron Rosano works with Galactic Unite to bring space closer to the children.

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Some cool facts about our universe
confirmed new worlds
Earths can fit inside the Sun
5 cm
You become taller in Space

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YOUniverse.me is the largest community of Astronauts and Future Space Travelers. Bringing together people with various backgrounds and aims related to space.

From the perspective of the space we are all one. Humanity is part of it and we all belong to it. Discovering it in a different way other than technological has the potential to open up new ways of seeing each other without barriers and boundaries, as well as building new levels of consciousness.

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To bring space close to people from the Human side

Discovery & Humanity

Shifting the focus from technology to what space discoveries give to humanity.

Next Generation

Spreading the importance of space journeys and discoveries to the next, future generations.

Fuel for Change

Fundraising through Universe inspired art to support space achievements and discoveries.

Inspirational Stories

To show the human link through Astronauts’ inspirational stories of the space.

Space is Fun

Bringing space closer to people through interesting and fascinating facts of the space.

Educational Publications

Online and printed publication to introduce space from the perspective of art, humanity and individual aspects.

What others say

See what Astronauts have to say about Space and Universe
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